A Typical P2L Petite Camp Day

P2L Petite/Pre school camp experience Ideal for 3-5 year olds

8.30: Early bird activity for early campers. Fun skill zone play with and against friends in a mini pitch set up.

9.30: Registration Welcome from lead coach and group and coach allocation.

9.45- 11: This part of the day allows the young camper to touch the ball as many times as possible. The activities for this age group promote freedom, decision making, role playing, interaction and communication.

The activities are based around the main four aspects of football control, dribbling, passing and shooting. All of the games and activities develop agility, balance and coordination. Coaches are very experienced at pitching these Petite activities at the appropriate age and stage. Games such as Kung Fu panda (passing); Super heroes (shooting); Star Wars (passing); Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (control) A fun, friendly, fantastic first part of the camp.

11-11.20: Supervised snack break. Time to have a healthy snack and drink water to refuel those little bodies.

11.20- 12.20. Petite players back on the pitch, where a mass warm up related to the theme and the early games. This will prepare the bodies and the mind for Play2Learn’s multi – ball match FIVE ALIVE.

This Five alive game allows campers to play in matches in teams. On each pitch there are 5 balls, this maximises involvement of all players. The multi ball game encourages individuals to experiment with dribbling, passing, control and shooting. In these game children who are keen to try and save the shots can pull on the gloves and transform into a goalkeeper. Matches would be short and teams will play one another. This activity introduces cooperative play and positive competition. Five alive introduces the Petite players to the match atmosphere and proves to be an excellent end to the morning.

12.20: Cool down and clean up.

12.30: Sign out and parent pick up.

There are full day places for those children who are at the stage where they can sustain physical activity and emotional stability through until 3pm. This can be agreed by the parents at the discretion of lead coach.

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