A Typical Play2Learn Camp Day

P2L Typical P1-P7 Camp Day

8.30: Early bird activity for those early drop offs. The activity would be our Play2Learn 1v1/ 2v2 skill zone, (cage football).

9.30: Camp registration.

9.45- 11.15.: This is the part of the day where participants are challenged individually and in groups in one are of the game e.g. Dribbling to beat an opponent. Linked to the area of the game that is the daily focus there will also be a P2L play of the day. This is a trick or turn that is practiced in a 5 step move. The players can take this home with them and practice the move.

11.15-11.35: Snack Break, refuel with healthy snack and water.

11.35- 12.30: This section continues the specific theme of the day. It is developed into game related activities with conditions to emphasise relevant skills. In this part of the day the coaches will support and empower the participant to play, learn and enjoy the experience as part of a team / group.

12.30-1: During this pre – lunch section kids and coaches will all come together and be involved in mass fun activities where the bonding between the age groups and other coaches will develop. Skills, fun and chanting all generate a phenomenal Play2Learn atmosphere.

1-1.30: Lunch time, Time to relax and refuel.

1.30-2 Lunch time challenge. All camp members and coaches will begin the accumulation of scores for their representative teams prior to the afternoon tournament. Lunch time challenges include Goalkeeper wars, Dodge ball, skill zone etc.

2-2.50: The day culminates in an afternoon tournament where the age groups play within their age groups, but gain points for their representative team. Each day is focused on a countries league, and the teams are chosen from that League. The tournament brings together the entire camp ensuring interaction with all participants.

2.50-3 Cool down, participants will stretch and relax their bodies and minds.

3: Conclusion and sign out.

3-5: Extra Time Camp. For those children who have paid for the longer camp. These children will be free to experience Multi Sport activities such as Cricket, basketball, Touch rugby obstacle, skill course, table tennis, table football.

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