Pre-Club Foundation Football

P2L Pre-Club Foundation Football

P2L Pre-Club Foundation Football

Day: Saturday

Times: 9:00 – 9:45 (born 2015), 9:45-10:30 (born 2016), 10.30-11:15 (born 2017-18)

Venues: Mar-Oct is outdoors on grass at Dovecot Park & Nov-Feb is indoors at Edinburgh College (Games Hall). 

At all P2L Pre-Club Foundation football sessions we follow the ‘whole-part-whole’ structure which is explained in the “about us” page.

Each session is carefully planned so every player gets maximum enjoyed with a football at there feet.

Each session consists of  a game at the start of the session when they arrive. Then a fun group activity working on a theme (e.g. dribbling). Then a game at the end to show what they have learnt. 

2015-16s – P2L Aeroplane Football: This is P2L innovative 4-a-side game format where there is a tail (defender), 2 wings (RW & LW) and a pilot (Striker)

2017-18s – P2L Role-Players: Involves imaginative story based games, linking the world of cartoons and superheroes. Using simple techniques and fun storylines these games are ideal for the young children in the early stages of their sporting life. They will play P2L innovative 5-alive game format.