P2L 1 - 1 Training

What does P2L do?

·      P2L 1-1 sessions are for all ages and abilities from boys and girls playing recreational, school, club, academy or pro youth to adults playing semi or professional football.

·      P2L sessions are tailor made to suit your individual needs, whether you are looking to work on a specific position, take your skills to another new level or you want to work on your fitness conditioning, P2L we can meet your needs.

Football 4s (2013)

Super 5s (2012)

 Soccer 7s (2011/10/09/08)

9-a-side (2007)

11-a-side (2006 and below)

Goalkeepers (Super 5s, Soccer 7s, 9 & 11 a-side)   

Fitness, Strength & Conditioning (Soccer 7s, 9 & 11 a side)


P2L 1-1 Info (OUT-WITH COVID 19)

P2L Introduction Session: SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £20

Single Sessions: £30

Deals: 5 sessions = £140 or 10 sessions = £250

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: At a local pitch near you