About Play2Learn

Play2Learn was founded in Edinburgh by Dave Upton and Shane McCreevy during the Summer of 2005. We met while coaching football in New Jersey, USA during 2002 and formed a terrific friendship and working relationship which continues to grow

Play2Learn Team

Play2Learn have a number of Part-time and full time coaches. All our coaches are First Aid trained, PVG Disclosured and have safe guarding children. 

All coaches are qualified across a number of different sports.

Our Coaches: 

ShaneO : Shane@play2learn.info

Dave : Dave@play2learn.info

Lewis : Lewis@play2learn.info

Matthew : Matthewl@play2learn.info

Kyle: Kyle@play2learn.info


Coaching Methodology

What we do?
Play2Learn offer participants sports coaching  for all, at all levels!
We offer the right practice, for the right player, at the right time.!!

How we do it?
Our methods are different from other coaching organisations. We construct most of our sessions on the “whole -part-whole model. This promotes playing in match situations at the beginning and the end of each session. Then focussing on the themed  skill element sandwiched in the middle. This allows players and coaches to identify areas for development from the start. It gives a clear format on what is to be practiced, and how the improvement occurs through out the session.

Within this ‘ whole- part- whole ‘ format, our sessions are pitched at the variable and random higher end of the coaching spectrum. Other coaching organisations operate at the lower , constant end of the spectrum.  Through these activities we encourage interference, opposition, and mistakes. This is done in a realistic, relevant and repetitive environment.
Simply; We ask, we don’t tell, we are not controlling we empower!

” Coaching by asking is often more effective than coaching by telling”
(Max Landsberg), 

Benefits to the participants!
Within our sessions Play2Learn try and cover the four main areas for development. Technical, tactical, psychological and social. By including all of these elements in our coaching sessions players / participants will experience :

Our name is our mantra. Play2Learn! Our participants are encouraged to work things out for themselves in a realistic , changing environment. Playing and learning as you go.

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